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White Hart Stained Glass Square, Large

White Hart Stained Glass Square, Large

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Hand painted in various colours including yellow, red, purple and green.

In Arthurian Legends a sighting of a white hart symbolises the beginning of an adventure. I wanted to suggest with this piece that from the comfort of home and heart we can be free to spring forth and pursue our dreams. I thought this would make a lovely gift for a new home. It’s a more complex design and uses all the colours of the rainbow which will project colours on your wall in the sunlight.

It comes ready to hang in your window with two copper hooks at the top. It is a heavier piece, and therefore I recommend using a chain to hang it.

Size: 20cm x 20cm

As with all my panels please note that stained glass uses lead so I advise that the piece is used for decoration purposes only and is not to be handled by children. Please wash your hands after handling.

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