About me

I am Harriet, a stained glass artist based in North Shropshire. I enjoy creating a range of commissions and smaller pieces for the home. Originally, I trained in Graphics and Illustration at degree level before being captivated by the traditional craft of leaded stained glass. This technique is commonly seen in churches and employs methods that have remained unchanged for centuries. As a craft, it is now becoming endangered, and I feel privileged to play a part in keeping this beautiful craft alive.

The making process

Working with coloured glass is a beautiful experience, and the techniques I use enable me to explore opportunities to play with light and pattern. By applying fired-on paint to its surface, I can manipulate colours and light. The variety of coloured sheets and textures offers endless possibilities. Each design requires me to first cut and shape every glass element. Several layers of glass paint are applied using various painting techniques. At this stage, the glass is fired in a kiln, permanently bonding the paint to the glass. The design pieces are then assembled using lead that is cut to wrap around the glass shapes and carefully soldered at the joints. Finally, the panel is cemented and polished in a series of stages to create a jewel-like collage. 

As I work on commissions, this process can be applied for both decorative purposes, whether hung in a window or to enhance elements of the home, such as a door or window panel.

The slides below give a glimpse of the stained glass making process.

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Inspiration & meaning

My designs are primarily inspired by nature, drawn from the world around me, either illustratively, symbolically, or for pattern. I have a large collection of botanical books, which serve as an important source of inspiration. Images from the history of graphics and illustration, including my collection of botanical books, also inspire me. I then adapt them to work in glass. I incorporate symbols into my work to create personal meaning and connection. 

I develop the ideas I have gathered and create designs that allow the glass to shine. I strive to incorporate symbols that hold personal meaning for my clients, so that my pieces have a special connection to individual people, places, and situations. As a result, I am often asked to create special gifts for birthdays, weddings, or for use in memorials. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by me, offering an opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece of art that can never be replicated.

My favourite pieces

These are the pieces that I feel capture the direction my work is heading — they are rich with ideas and symbolism.